Don't Wave Your White Flag

by Translated



released September 13, 2011

Frank Doesburg - Vocals
Sander Puhl - Guitar/backing vocals
Chris Veldt - Bass
Elmar Lambers - Drums

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Leendertse - Big River Studios, Dirkshorn.

Released September 13th on North Empire Recordings



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Translated Netherlands

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Track Name: Eyesight to the Blind
As the crow flies, you know the time has come.
Close the door on everyone, leave this town where it’s dead and gone.
There’s no place for you, everything you tried turned to sore.
No more gold, no more truth’s been told. Everyone lies, secrets sold.

Strange alliances in times like these, it’s hard to keep your head up.
Working under inches of dirt. You’ve got to keep it up.
In a world full of hatred, why would you stay?
In this town, where nothing’s left, why would you stay.
Fighting for another day.

Give eyesight to the blind and rewind,
Starting over let the time be kind now.

Gotta raise your hope for better days.
Now we all have changed in strange ways.
Heal the scars, it’s time to leave this town.
Don’t wave your white flag, it’s time to get out.

Give eyesight to the blind and rewind,
Starting over let the time be kind now.
Forget your miserable friends, fight till the end.
At dawn, new sights to discover.
Track Name: Hillywood
You’ve got your killer scene
I’m lost in movie screens
I got you heartbroken down on the street

Remember that night, when I got down and out
On the streets of Amsterdam, I’m alive

Go back to your castle, you’re queen of the mall
Your fortune’s been gone, you’ve bypassed them all
The upperclass heroes, it means nothing now
Go back to Hillywood, somehow

Your endless talkin’ shit, your fucking swimmin’ pool
Being around here makes me such a fool
I know where you’re from, I know where it ends
But I descend it back to Hillywood

Well I met you later on,
Not a sigh from you.
The only thing I whisper is your name,
To afraid to say...

Track Name: Rebellion
Redemption, run as fast as you can.
Rebellion, out in the open.

Get lost, and leave all the stories untold.
Wherever the wind blows break away all alone.
No more…

Odd jobs that got you down.
All relics smashed on the ground.
So I know, what’s left behind and held away.

Salvation, comes never around.
Desperation, whatever’s left?

Another sundown, but finally free
Alienation, building all this rage in me.
Rebellion, building all this rage in me.

Are you divine? Are you losing on it?
Free spirits are ruined, down and out on it
No more…

Odd jobs that got you down
All relics smashed on the ground
So I know, what’s left behind and held away